About Us

ambitious.. sophisticated.. imaginative

About Us

ambitious.. sophisticated.. imaginative


Roots that bloomed
through concrete

Inspired by unique self-expression, culture, and brotherhood, Club Lapel provides intentional luxury menswear. Garments for men that represent meaning and a mindset that truly impacts the fashion industry. At Club Lapel, we’re on a mission to connect our men back to their core and lead them to infinite creativity and pride through our collection of suits, overcoats, and empowering accessories.

Bringing together our passion for uplifting men of all walks of life, our collections present meaning and purpose not only through their design but by what they represent. Committed to detail and excellent craftsmanship, Club Lapel offers an extraordinary experience in professional, high-quality clothing. Unlike other brands, we focus on the individual mindset of what makes men feel confident, creative, and connected to their community. The sophisticated selections from Club Lapel allow customers to wear their crown proudly throughout their lives, no matter what part of the journey they’re on.

As supporters of both empowerment and personal style, our clothing reflects individuality, confidence, and cultural positivity. Fashion design in its highest form is difficult to obtain, but when channeling authenticity and stripping the noise from society, it is evident that these ideas are transformative. As a reminder of the King you are, each item is engraved with a mantra in the lapel, “sewn-in-spiration” if you will, to solidify your divine purpose as a man on this earth.


Our Mission

At Club Lapel, we believe it’s time to claim what it means to be ambitious, sophisticated, imaginative, and a minority. As men of color, we have so many layers that make up who we are, and it’s imperative we share the stories that represent our stories in this new world. We are diligent in our commitment to inspire all while connecting with our customers to put their best selves forward daily. It’s essential for us as a brand to push for the substantial culture change we need to make a positive impact in our communities. Rise up with styles that impress and a foundation you can build on.


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Ackeem Kipp


Troy James


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